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Donations in any amount for any program are gratefully received by the Executive Committee of the Friends of Families United mission and will be targeted to the program you designate.

You may donate, using our secure online "DONATE" service.  Or if you would rather donate by check, please send a gift at any time of the year to the address below, and you will receive a receipt for tax purposes:

                                               Friends of Families United
                                               806 Kristi Court
                                               Wenatchee, WA 98801

Donations to Families United

Every donation will make an important impact on the lives of these twenty-one extremely poor families in Esteli, Nicaragua.  A donation in any amount without designation is welcome.  But you may also target a specific program need as well. 

Savings & Loan Fund

$ 10.00 helps add to the FU’s savings account, which provides more dollars for small loans.  

Nutrition Program

$ 15.00 helps a basket of veggies and fruits and eggs every Sunday for every family for one month.


$ 25.00 helps replace eyeglasses for several of the kids who need corrective lens replacements every year.        

Scholarship Fund

$ 35.00 helps give a young person a $200 award for university or special training expenses. 

ECOCINA Stove Program

$ 50.00 buys an efficient wood stove for one very poor family that can't afford one.

Housing Program

$ 100.00 helps provide housing improvements so that families can live in drier and healthier conditions.

Sponsor-a-Child Program

Your annual donation of $150 will help provide a child with a school uniform, basic school supplies, visits to a health or dental clinic, weekly vegetables and eggs.