From Vision to Reality

The Core Programs:

The Executive Board has focused efforts over the years on building qualities of self-worth and self-confidence in the members of our family group, especially among the school age children.  To reach these goals,  we have put considerable resources into the areas of education, health, and nutrition.

The results have been gratifying:  no longer do kids go to school without the required uniforms and school supplies, or struggle through the day because they are hungry or sick.  These three forms of assistance have given them a feeling of equality with their peers and a sense of purpose in their lives.

In combination, these three programs have had an out-sized impact on these families.  Common complaints of children going to school hungry or sick, not being able to concentrate on their work or being discriminated against by their peers have long disappeared. Today, both the adults and the children seem more energetic and happier, their lives improved by these simple measures.